Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over (PC) (2003)

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Description: Join secret agent Juni Cortez of the OSS on his quest to rescue his sister, Carmen from the clutches of a video game that seems unwinnable. Test your driving skills in the ultimate Cycle Race, learn the tricks of the sticks in Battle Sticks and hang on for some superheated action as you surf through a lava canyon in Lava Surf. Hang on tight in awesome 3-D bonus levels This could be Juni’s toughest mission yet! Spy Kids™ 3-D: Game Over features three challenging arcade-style games: Battle Sticks, Cycle Race and Lava Surf. Battle Sticks Juni must defeat Arnold in one-on-one combat with Battle Sticks. In this all-out battle fought on suspended platforms, Juni must use strategy to avoid being hit as he tries to inflict damage on his powerful opponent. Juni can’t win in a toe-to-toe fight so he’ll have to use his head. Make barriers to deflect blows. Perfect your pogo jumping techniques to attack from the air. Arnold may be stronger, but Juni is faster! Cycle Race It’s a supercharged motorcycle race filled with danger that Juni has to win. Avoid collisions with opponents’ bikes and other hazards as you race to the finish line. But watch out! The finish line is an energy barrier that deals increasing damage to players that finish behind the leader. Finish first and you’re safe. Lava Surf Whoa... that’s lava, dude! Juni jumps on a stalagmite surfboard to ride the lava waves through the canyon. The beta testers are in trouble. Juni needs to rescue the testers and avoid hazards like whirlpools and rocks if he’s going to make it to safety. Carmen’s down there somewhere and time is running out!
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