Algebra - How to Find Slope, Y-Intercept and Graph a Line

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Description: How to find slope. Mr. Causey shows you how to draw a proper graph, explains the importance of slope and how to find the slope of a line. 0:29 Importance of Slope 1:00 A Good Graph 1:21 Slope of a Line 2:25 The Y-Intercept 2:44 Finding Slope ABOUT MR. CAUSEY'S VIDEO ACADEMY Mr. Causey's Video Academy is an educational video series of short video lessons for chemistry, algebra and physics. You can get lessons on a variety of topics or homework helpers that show you how to solve certain problems. There are over 120 videos to choose from. CONTACT ME: FOLLOW ME:!/mrcausey!/mr_causey Related Videos: Graphing Linear Equations: Algebra Review: Contact Me: Follow Me:!/mrcausey It is very important to learn how to find the slope of a line in both mathematics and science. The slope can help with comparing and contrasting data. The slope intercept form of a line is very useful for graphing the data and analyzing the information.
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