Rewire Your Brain in 21 Days for Success

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Description: This video will show you how doing 3 things everyday will Rewire Your Brain for success. I will provide a new understanding for the process of reprogramming the subconscious mind and give practical tools to doing so. Transcript below... For 1 on 1 Coaching Apply Here... "Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now, in this video, I'm going to be sharing with you how to rewire your brain in 21 days. Now, I believe that this video has the potential to really give you three steps that if you do everyday can radically change your life over the course of the next three weeks. " "Now, understand that our personality is creating our personal reality. Now, this is something that Dr. Joe Dispenza has said in his book. It's something that neuroscience is really starting to show us, and it's about understanding that who we are being in the present moment is a compilation of the thoughts that we think about who we are, the beliefs that we have and the actions that we are taking. Now, if we find ways of priming ourself and we find ways of really optimizing who we are being in the present moment and we do that everyday, that's going to radically change our life because as we change our personality, as we change the things that compose of who we are being, we then change our outer reflection of what we're getting and we change our personal reality. " "Now, the first step has to do with an experiment that I want to share with you and it has to do with using the memories of the times we've succeeded in the past to rewire in a feeling about ourselves of powerfulness and a feeling in a peak state. Now, this is an experiment that was done at a college and what they did is they took a couple thousand people and they put them in very stressful situations. They would have them give a speech and then they would have the people that were listening to the speech judge them and not show any emotion whatsoever. Now, what they did for this is for a certain number of the participants, they would give them and have them remember some powerful moments of their past memories, some times of they were in a peak state. " "Then what they would also do for some of them is have them remember some of the values they have in their life that are very important for them like value such as feeling confident, value such as feeling like they were trustworthy or feeling really authentic to who they are. Then what they would do is they would put them in these stressful situations and what they found was that the people who had the values that they were remembering or remembering the memories of when they were successful in the past, they will much more likely to perform well. There was much less cortisol and stress hormone in the system and they were much more likely to be successful through the process. " "Now, the idea behind this is that everyday what we can do is we can remember two or three situations in our past of when we were successful. What we can do is as we remember that and as we run that in a mental rehearsal in our mind, what we are doing is we are bringing back those characteristics of ourself and we're starting to really wire that in to a part of who we are. We're making that a dominant feeling through who we are. " "Now, I found that the most powerful times to do this is when I wake up in the morning and before I go to bed at night. By doing this, I allow myself to really tap into this and really make this a part of who I am. Now, you can also do this and apply this before you go in any important situation in your life. Maybe you're getting ready to go to a job interview or you get ready to go to a negotiation to buy a house, whatever it is start to do these things throughout your day and you'll find that it becomes a dominant part of who you are. " "Now, the second step or the second way that we can go about this has to do with understanding our self-image and the way that we see ourselves. Now, our self-image is an unconscious force that runs most of our life experience. Now, our self-image is also what we can call a cybernetic mechanism. Now, cybernetic mechanism simply means that we will always revert back to the default, whatever that is. In order to really understand this, we need to know that most of our self-image for most of our life is unconscious, meaning that we're not aware of what that is, but we will always act in accordance to who we are being with whatever that self-image is. " "A powerful way to go about this is everyday imagine the best version of yourself. Imagine yourself doing the things that you would love to be doing in your life. Imagine yourself in the kind of beliefs that you would have to have for that version of you. Imagine the kind of situations you would be in. Imagine the body language that you... This video is about Rewire Your Brain in 21 Days for Success
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