Trick To Get Anyone's Facebook Email Id And Password In Just 4 Min. || Full Step || Live Demo | 2017

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Description: This Video Is Only For Educational Purpose. Do this By Your Own Risk. To Learn Hacking Facebook Using Z-Shadow Just Follow The Following Steps. ♦ First of all go to your favorite browser in my case Chrome is my favorite. Then type "Z Shadow" in the search bar. ♦ When you open the just click onto the "Sign Up" button. ♦ Now fill out the Sign Up form and click onto the "Sign Up" button on the bottom of the form. ♦ When you successfully create an account in Z-Shadow then a page will open before you just select any service and copy any of the link. ♦ After copying the link send that link to your friends you can also send that link through Facebook chat. ♠ Oh Yeah! when your victim enters his email and password to your fake page that will be saved to your account which you have create in Z-Shadow... ♥ How To See The Saved Password In Z-Shadow ♦ To see the saved password in the z-shadow account just follow the following steps. ♦ Login to your Z-Shadow account which you have create while signing up... ♦ When you successfully login click on the "My Victims" tab at the main menu of you account... ♥ Oh Yeah! you have the email and password in a page before you showing some passwords and emails.
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