Aircraft crash-landing at Old Sarum (EGLS) - Vans RV6 G-CCVS

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Description: Old Sarum, Tuesday, 15 August 2017 at 16:04 A Vans RV6 (G-CCVS) was practicing landings on a crosswind grass runway at Old Sarum airfield near Salisbury, Wiltshire. Earlier landings showed signs of rotor turbulence at the runway threshold coming from industrial buildings immediately to the north of the runway. The crosswind of 10mph was bringing gusting rotor over the runway touchdown area and creating wind shear. On the RV6 aircraft's 4th landing things went badly. A crosswind gust caused the aircraft to drop hard from about 20 feet onto the runway touchdown point damaging the nosewheel. The pilot described this as wind shear. The pilot went around, immediately applying full power and the aeroplane leapt back into the sky. On the final landing the nosewheel was clearly damaged. It furrowed through the grass runway and finally 'dug in' causing the RV6 to flip onto it's back. The pilot was able to escape when several people lifted the tail up and he had no injuries at all. The aeroplane suffered fuselage distortion probably writing it off. You can see the gusting rotor trying to roll the RV6 to the right when on final to land. Other aeroplanes appeared to be having the same issues with the crosswind rotor effect. Copyright material: If anyone wishes to use this video please contact me first.
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