Rescuer Recalls Tragic Moment Arriving at Plane Crash Site

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Description: A rescuer recalled on Wednesday the tragic moment when he first arrived at the plane crash site of Lamia Airlines flight 2933 in the Colombian municipality of La Union which killed 71 people, including those who belonged to the Brazilian football club Chapecoense. The accident occurred late Monday night as the team were taking a chartered flight to Colombia via Bolivia to play in the first leg of the Copa Sudamericana final against Atletico Nacional. The airplane, an Avro RJ85, crashed just outside of Medellin, its intended destination, with 68 passengers and a crew of nine on board. Six of the 77 people on the plane survived and are currently in the hospital. Arquimedes Mejia, a fire chief in La Union, detailed the moments when he first received a phone call from the officials at the Medellin airport. "I received a call from the Medellin airport at 22:30 on Monday night and was informed that a plane disappeared from their radar. We then launched our emergency response plan and received a call from the police at the Gordo mountain district, saying that a loud sound was heard in the mountains. We then hurried to the crash site and arrived there at around 22:40 or 22:50 that night," he said. On Wednesday, Colombian authorities granted access to the crash site, where the plane wreckage and passengers' belongings were scattered all over the mountain. Mejia said when they first arrived at the site the survivors were shouting for help at the mountain top. "They were crying for help. At the top of the mountain, where the plane fuselage broke into two parts when hitting the mountain, its rear part hung up there. Several people at the rear part survived," said Mejia. Colombian media on Wednesday leaked a recording of the final moments of the flight. Miguel Quiroga, the pilot on the aircraft, had made contact with the control tower at Medellin airport, claiming that the plane was in total electrical failure and without fuel before it crashed into the mountain. Subscribe us on Youtube: CCTV+ official website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter:
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