Plane has killed two sunbathers after making an emergency landing on a beach near Lisbon,Portugal

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Description: The victims were a 56-year-old man and an eight-year-old girl, who died on the beach, authorities said. Officials are not aware of any other injured people. The two occupants of the plane escaped unhurt and were led away by police. The plane made an emergency landing at Caparica, about 20 miles south of Lisbon, after getting into difficulties. At the height of summer and in sunny weather the beach had been packed with sunbathers. Local journalist Ricardo Conceicao told Sky News that local people were very angry with the pilot of the plane for attempting an emergency landing on the beach. "We don't know what happened, it is not clear yet," he said. "We are used to seeing small planes cruising along the shore, along the beach near Lisbon." He stressed that the incident had been caused by an emergency landing and was not terrorism related. Photographs of the aircraft appeared to show it with a broken left wing. Firefighters and emergency services arrived at the beach shortly after the incident and cordoned off the area, Mr Conceicao said. Eyewitnesses said the plane wobbled and skimmed the beach before landing, scattering panic among those on the sand. Other sunbathers ran into the sea, according to reports.
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