Pilots Who Intentionally Crashed Their Planes

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Description: These intentional crashes by pilots who deliberately crash landed their air planes killed hundreds of people, with many more missing and wounded passengers. Subscribe for new videos: http://goo.gl/SaufF4 Watch our “Selfies Will Kill You” video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIm-T... Watch our “9 Animals That Hunt Humans” video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdiVz... Watch our “Most Violent Prisons You'll NEVER Want to Visit” video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3NqN... Voiceover by Rodney Tompkins: https://www.youtube.com/c/BigBadada2012 An act of Revenge One of the earliest reported cases of a pilot deliberately crashing his airplane occurred on Sept. 26th, 1976.  In what can only be described as a case of taking bitterness over a divorce a little too far. A Russian pilot by the name of Vladimir Serkov stole an Antonov AN-2 aircraft from the Novosibirsk-Severny Airport. He flew the aircraft towards a block of low rise apartment buildings where his ex-wife lived and crashed the plane right into the complex.  The pilot and 11 people on the ground were killed.  The ex-wife lived. Biggest Loss of Life The greatest loss of life that occurred when a pilot intentionally crashed his airplane took place on Oct. 31st, 1999.  EgyptAir flight 990 was on the second leg of its LA –New York – Cairo flight. Less than an hour after departing JFK International Airport, the Captain Command, Ahmed El-Habashi left the cockpit to go to the bathroom leaving the plane in the charge of Relief First Officer Gameel Al-Batouti. Recordings of the voice recorded later helped investigators to find out what happened next. A faint voice, Al-Batouti’s, is heard saying “I rely on God” in Egyptian Arabic.  The autopilot is then turned off. Then again, “Tawkalt ala Allah.” The plane’s nose banks slowly downward. The phrase is repeated 7 more times as the giant twin-engine Boeing 767 begins a trajectory that will take it nose down into the Atlantic Ocean, sixty miles south of Nantucket. 217 people perished. Though the Egyptian government is said to have insisted that it was mechanical failure, the National Transportation Safety Board conclusively stated that the crash was the result of deliberate actions on the part of the Relief First Officer, Gameel Al-Batouti. The White House Crash Just before 2 o’clock in the morning on Sept. 12th, 1994, a stolen Cessna 150 crashed onto the White House Lawn. 38 year old Maryland truck driver Eugene Corder stole the small red and white plane and directed it towards President Clinton’s bedroom. Through a series of miscalculations, aided in no small part by the plane’s single occupant being heavily intoxicated, the airplane fell well short of its target, crashing onto the South Lawn of the White House. Corder was the only casualty, dying on impact. The Clintons weren’t home. Personal Problems Financial and work-related problems are alleged to have been at the root of Captain Tsu Way Ming’s decision to direct SilkAir Flight 185 nose down into the Musi River in southern Sumatra. The brand new Boeing 737 was cruising over Indonesia on Dec. 19th, 1997 when it dived down, barely breaking cruising speed and crashed into the river, killing all 104 people on board. The National Transportation Safety Board investigated and officially suggested that the crash was deliberately caused by the pilot. Indonesian authorities dispute this however, officially listing the cause as unknown. The NTSB believed the crash was suicide by pilot because both flight recorders were switched off and mechanical investigation proves the plane was set deliberately into a nosedive. Without flight recorder information, it was impossible to know what steps were taken to put the plane into dive mode. There was no dispute however that Captain Tsu was experiencing massive financial difficulties, mostly incurred by stock-market losses. He had also recently had major problems at work including a demotion. The German Wings Crash German Wings flight 9525 departed Barcelona at 10 pm on March 24th, 2015 headed to Düsseldorf Germany. After reaching cruising altitude 30 minutes later, the pilot left the cockpit for a toilet break. The co-pilot Andreas Lubitz had been grounded by a doctor when he visited a psychiatric hospital two weeks before the flight after he was determined to be suicidal but he hadn't told his employer. Before the pilot could get back, Lubitz took control of the airplane and immediately set the flight unit to go from 38,000 feet to 100 feet. The pilot returned and tried to break down the cockpit door but it wouldn’t give. The airplane quickly dived and eventually, horrifically crashed into the base of a mountain near the French Alps. All 144 passengers and 6 crew died in the crash.
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