Ana Navarro To Trump:if you can't stand up for people of every color and creed Stop being president

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Description: Ana Navarro on Tuesday went off on Donald Trump, arguing if he cannot stand for people of every color and creed, he “should not be president.” Navarro was speaking with former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer and CNN’s Don Lemon about the president’s incredible press conference, where he equated neo-Nazi’s with the counter-protestors standing against bigotry and white supremacism. Brewer claimed Trump “took the bull by the horns” Tuesday, arguing the real issue is the “relentless reporting and this relentless attacking of him.” “I thought his speech on Saturday was fine,” Brewer said. “I thought the one on Monday was terrific. I thought today he came forward and spoke from his heart.” “No one ever talks about the left,” she later added, echoing Trump’s sentiment.
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