Donald Trump is a 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist - My Afghanistan Speech Reaction

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Description: This is my reaction tot he speech just given by Donald Trump regarding Afghanistan. Now if he was being honest he would have said this endless war is for the Military Industrial Complex, it is strategically important militarily due to it's geographic location, being just South of Russia, and being on the border of both Iran and China. Afghanistan also has many rare earth minerals that are important for the MNC's, and has a massive amount of Poppy which is important for the Oxycodone big Pharma industry and the Shadow Government heroine smuggling operations. However, Trump did not mention any of these actual reasons why they want to go to war in Afghanistan, instead he said it was to "prevent another 9/11"... So I the only reasonable response to that is to call him a conspiracy theorist for believing the nut job false conspiracy theory that men in caves in Afghanistan conducted the 9/11 attack. I understand Donald Trump inherited the Afghanistan war, and for obvious military purposes you can't just pull out and leave a massive power vacuum, however my issue is citing 9/11 as the reason. That is it, I am merely critiquing his belief in a false conspiracy theory about 9/11. Yes, Donald Trump was a better choice than Hillary Clinton or any of the other mainstream candidates, and I am not arguing otherwise. I just disagree with his stance on 9/11. Let's stay on topic here and not call me a "libtard" as I am not one at all. I do not exist in your statist fake left versus right nonsense paradigm. Links: Donald Trump Full Speech: James Corbett's (Corbett Report) "9/11 a Conspiracy Theory": Music Credit: 1. Intro: PTPisHere "God (Gold Oil Drugs)": 2. Outro: PTPisHere "War - What is it Good For?": Full Show Notes On Steemit: (Link Coming Soon) Read my Steemit Blog! My Patreon: Hit me up on Social Media: * Twitter: @ImperatorTruth: (When I am un suspended lulz) * FedBook: "The Lost Truth": * "TitusFrost": * My Vid.Me Channel: * YouTube: "Titus Frost": * My Published Book: "The Lost Truth": * TitusFrost: * BitChute: * DTube: * Check out my book on OpenLibrary:
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