Is Ross Barkley Worth £30million? | By The Numbers

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Description: Ross Barkely has been subject to a lot of transfer talk this summer, with Tottenham and Chelsea favourites to pry him away from Everton. Here we take a look at some of his numbers compared to players in a similar role to his. ► Subscribe! It's free! ► And turn on your notifications for daily content! -------------------- ► Share & leave a Like for the series! ► Comment future topics for us to cover! ► Feel free to contribute to our subtitles! ► Follow uMAXit on the socials! - Twitter: - Facebook: ► Want to win £2000 FOR FREE with our Premier League Predictor game? - Website: ► This was Written by Alex Stewart, Produced by Craig Silcock and Narrated by Joe Devine! - Alex's Twitter: - Joe's Twitter:
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